"FLAMENCO" Antonio Martinez


01/06/2019 - 01/06/2019

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The dancer (34 years of experience): Antonio performed in some of the world's most reknown theaters such as the Théatre Royal de la Monnaie (Brussels), Het Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), the Wiltz Festival (Luxembourg), the Mont de Marsans Festival (France) and the Atrium (La Martinique). The choreographer (29 years of experience): Antonio signed more than 29 choreographies, brought to several European theaters. He also teaches in his Brussels-based Flamenco academy. He is regularly invited to international dance workshops. They say about Flamencos, that each of them carries a suitcase filled with memories and images, life experiences and so many stories. A suitcase preciously kept to oneself as it includes feelings mixed together to become one and at the same time oppose each other. Antonio Martinez uses this as a source of inspiration creating his latest show “Momentos Flamencos”. Ten sceneries will be brought to you on stage by 30 dancers, one guitarist, one singer. “Flamenco” is a compelling, passionate and strong performance.Antonio Martinez (Artistic direction, choreography and scenography) Imma la Carbonera (singer) Patricio Grande (Guitarist) and 30 dancers. 

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