05/11/2019 - 07/11/2019

Falaise Falaise Falaise

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Falaise is a dream. In this dream humans and animals live together: horses, birds, acrobats and people appear, disappear and mingle as they please. Falaise is the dream of a group with no agenda. Their dream is made of corners, flight of stairs, hidden and secret passages where one can escape. Everyone slides, flies, falls and sings to eventually form a group and assert their individuality and grow as people... 

In their dream, they perform ceremonies : they dance together regardless of their species, they rely on each other and carry each other towards a common goal. Together, galvanising the polarising energy of the ritual they suddenly become there. 

There, on the cliff, on the edge where the last limit is reached, the line between humans and animals, that line that could be easily crossed, easily abolished in just one jump. 

Falaise is the epic portrayal of what’s inside us. It’s a magnificent visual musical piece. Circus, dance and music come together to create one of the best poems ever told.

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