Grand Blanc


15/08/2019 - 15/08/2019

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I ask them where they are they tell me somewhere else "

It is by an invitation to take a journey which starts somewhere else (Ailleurs), the new single of Grand Blanc. Already author of one noticed first album in 2016, the very digital and incandescent Mémoires vives, the young quartet native of Metz returns with Ailleurs, an ambitious stroll.

The genesis of the piece would date back to a night spent in Hong-Kong, timeless and waiting the dawn to get up. Perched at the top of a tower, the band - then on tour in Asia - would have suddenly felt rising, as freed and calmed. Carried by the voice of Camille, both nonchalant and crazy elegance, Grand Blanc literally takes up height - and its time - on this 10-minute slow that beams Brian Eno at the time of the yeyés and mixes the epic synths of M83 with the dreamlike sounds of Badalamenti. It is not by chance that the title gets closer to the strange atmospheres of the songs of Julee Cruise. And that, like Alice crossing the mirror, the song stretches and rises in volutes and takes us into a surprising second movement that becomes more ethereal and whirled, almost jazz in its bass line and its deconstructed rhythm.

“I dreamt of a bit of air, a bit of grass”

With Ailleurs, Grand Blanc tells us about this youth who, despite everything, has “eyes in the heavens” and who at all costs, wants to dream of a possible elsewhere, of a breakaway up, higher. And gently lifts the veil on their second album to be released this fall.

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