Homo Deus Frankenstein #2


24/03/2019 - 24/03/2019

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“I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel”, Frankenstein’s monster confided to his creator. Indeed, while Victor Frankenstein succeeds in breathing life into dead matter, the scientist loses control over his creation.
Mary Shelley’s famous story is a gripping 19th century rewrap of the Prometheus myth that tells of the hubris of man who believes to have divine powers of creation. Once again the path of temptation, the urge for ultimate power, leads to the fall.

Theatre makers Johan De Smet and Sara Ostertag, composer Frederik Neyrinck, cinematographer Kenneth Michiels and the musicians of I Solisti turn the dramatic story of Frankenstein into something that can be grasped by children and give it a contemporary twist. How can we deal with identity and longing in a digital and globalised world? Can we create ourselves and what would that make us, really? Our original self or the creation we want to show the world?
These challenging themes are what this brand new musical theatre production Homo Deus Frankenstein is about. Imaginative and comprehensible for the youngest with a wink and a nod making it interesting for the mums and dads.

Funded by the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Delegation of Flandern.

World premiere
age: 8+

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