Hyphen Hyphen


17/08/2019 - 17/08/2019

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After "Times", the first album with numerous hits including the irresistible "Just Need Your Love", the 3 members of Hyphen Hyphen will come to defend on stage their second album entitled "HH", powerful, dancing and feminist opus.

Hard to believe listening to Hyphen Hyphen that we are dealing with such a young band (22 years of average age), and even if their CV indicate the city Nice, Santa (voice), Adam (guitar), Line (bass) and Zaccharie (drums) seem to have cast off to get into the international scene by quickly emancipating themselves from any style or any box in which modern artists are placed today.

The band only aspires to be itself, to escape from the classic patterns of pop and its somewhat mechanical habits. They imagine their titles as soundtracks of film, works of art, paintings, scenarii not yet filmed. At home, composing is creating, searching for a sound that evokes a color, an image and not just a note that follows another. They confess it, they are of their generation: the one who, thanks to technology, fed herself of all that the previous musical decades had to offer, one who is not afraid to claim to adhere to the greatest mainstream hits and the most cutting-edge discoveries.

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