Jim James


27/01/2019 - 27/01/2019

Jim James

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Jim James has spent the better part of almost two decades as the lead singer of rock band, My Morning Jacket. The band have released seven studio albums and have grown to become one of the most acclaimed rock and roll bands in the world. In 2016 James released his politically charged single, “Eternally Even”. Rolling Stone described the record as, “nine flamboyantly spiritual songs wrapped in creamy electronics and set to funk and hip hop beats…an eccentric, gently compelling pleasure”. His third album, “Uniform Distortion” received immediate acclaim upon it’s release and saw him embark on a national tour. James has found himself in the touring company of artists such as Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam and Neil Young. He has embedded himself in the world of film and television, be it through the use of his music in various projects or his long-running relationships with those in the field. In the fall of 2018, James will embark on an intimate, career-spanning solo acoustic tour, which will see him tour through historic theatres and performing arts centers across the United States.

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