01/05/2019 - 01/05/2019


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In a day and age where rap is opening up to new sounds, Josman, with an ever growing fan base, has emerged as a leader for the new generation : Free and incredibly productive, he is driving French rap towards new horizons. With a style, a flow and an authenticity that stands out in the landscape of French rap, Josman raps his day to day life. His lyrics speak of weed, money, women, doubts, and the passage of time. The story of our generation, told in the words of our generation. From Échecs positifs to 000$, not forgetting Matrix, his fan base just keeps growing, granting him an ever increasing visibility with each of his videos racking up a million views in no time. His first three projects coming closely on each other’s heels allowed Josman to confirm his credibility with the Rap & mainstream media and streaming platforms (best upcoming French rap artist 2017). In September, Josman reached new heights by introducing his very first album to his fans. A corner stone for what was to follow, a clearly inevitable confirmation considering the feedback on the first singles released prior to the official release of the album (the powerful «Loto», the classic «l’occasion» or the more recent «V&V»). A highly anticipated album as they say. The least we can say after listening to J.O.$ is that the wait was worth it. Because this first LP is dense, full of gimmicks, wicked punch lines and addictive tracks. Sixteen quality songs, almost exclusively produced by his long time side kick Easy Dew (also including one song produced by Stu and two others by Josman himself), which reflect his individuality and his refusal to take short cuts. Today it’s pretty rare for an artist to give his fans such a «long» album. But if you’re going to record a first album it might as well be done right. J.O$ is the name of the album, it is also his a.k.a.This seems logical, after all it’s Josman’s first official introduction to his audience. And this is only the beginning.

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