La Mente che mente


08/01/2020 - 19/01/2020

La Mente che mente La Mente che mente La Mente che mente La Mente che mente

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In January, KVS is hosting a performance by Pippo Delbono: La Gioia. In response, BOZAR hosts the expo La Mente che mente (The mind that lies). Get a look into the genius, troubled mind of the director. Wade through a maze of never before shown films, soundtracks, interviews, photos, sketches, … A fascinating portrait of a masterful man.Pippo Delbono (born 1959) has been a director, actor, choreographer, dancer and filmmaker for more than thirty years. The image – both video and photographic – plays a major role in his theatrical work, and Delbono also makes films himself.

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