La Priest


22/06/2021 - 22/06/2021

La Priest

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After breaking up previous band Late of the Pier, frontman Sam Eastgate took his time to discover what his future would hold. After traveling across Iceland, the US and Scandinavia, he realised that he’d like to return to the LA Priest monniker he had developed at the end of his time with his previous band. It still took some time, but 2015 finally saw the release of ‘Inji’, LA Priest’s debut album full of psych-pop and organic electronics. It was met with rave reviews, but the past four years saw Eastgate fade from the public eye once again. Now, it turns out that he’d been working in isolation for the past two years, creating follow-up ‘Gene’. The new album releases in April, and is named for the drum machine Eastgate created especially for it. With Eron Alkan as producer, and woozy first single ‘What moves’ creating a fun and unique sound, the record promises to make you dance. Come and join the party at Botanique!

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