Le charme de l’émeute


25/03/2020 - 25/03/2020

Le charme de l’émeute

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There were 500 riots in 2009. 2000 in 2013. How many in 2019 ? And these numbers don’t even include the Arab Spring, the Orange Revolution, Occupy Wall Street, les indignés, the demonstrations in Greece, Brazil or France...
Thomas Chopin is fascinated by these protests, where citizens fight against the system. As ‘participating observer’, he is interested in the insurrection of space, in bodies engaged in acts of rebellion. Dissolve, cut, ellipse. Between scenes. Within scenes. Within the same movement. The choreographer is creating like one drift : a series of perfect edits inspired by Godard and the situationists. Figurative, abstract, expressionist, between circus and dance, dance and theatre. From one genre to another, abruptly and elegantly, Chopin creates a series of image, like a giant calligraphy, boisterous and warlike.

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