Le patient otage de son médecin ?


27/11/2019 - 27/11/2019

Le patient otage de son médecin ? Le patient otage de son médecin ?

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Humaniser l'accompagnement du patient dans la lutte contre les maladies graves. Un réel défi pour les soignants ?

Corinne Hubinont is professor and head of the clinical department of the Department of Obstetrics at the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc. She is also in charge of the Department of Obstetrics at IREC (UCLouvain) but when she diagnoses breast cancer, she becomes a patient just like everyone else. Her status as a doctor gives her the ideal perspective to observe how the medical world treats patients who have a serious or even fatal disease. She wrote down her experiences in her book Voyage au pays du cancer du sein, mon carnet de (sur)vie. Martine Piccart, professor of Oncology at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and head of the Department of Medicine at the Institut Jules Bordet, wrote the foreword in the book in which she questions the role of the doctor not only as a healer, but also as a discussion partner. During this debate, they discuss this subject that directly or indirectly concerns us all: how can the actions and words of healthcare professionals "humanize" patients' daily lives?

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