Lenz (FR)


25/01/2019 - 25/01/2019

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A man walks through the snow and climbs mountains. He approaches the village where father Oberlin lives. Finally someone he can talk to … That is how Lenz begins, an intriguing novella written by a twenty-two year old Georg Büchner, who would become one of German literature’s stand-out figures. The novella describes the psychological downfall of Sturm und Drang writer Jakob Lenz.

Johan Leysen performs a powerful yet subdued monologue, directed by Jacques Osinski. He is alone on stage and embodies the movement of the writing. Behind him majestic imagery of nature is projected, filmed by video artist Yann Chapotel. Lenz, a story of words and madness, is a performance that sticks with you. 

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