Les Marquises


17/09/2021 - 17/09/2021

Les Marquises

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From album to album, Les Marquises has established itself as one of the most original and adventurous projects of the current independent scene. From this singular and radical universe, created by the multi-instrumentalist from Lyon Jean-Sébastien Nouveau, this new album "La Battue" offers quintessence. It’s as if all the musical directions taken so far by the group were combined in one abundant sum. However, it is difficult to compartmentalize the music of Les Marquises as the genres and codes are blurred. This new album, that will appear on April 24th, rather evokes for its creators landslide and swamp landscapes. However, a swamp is not only a place of isolation: it’s a place where life forms that never stops developing, metamorphosing. So be ready to be metamorphosed by this french experimental pop group when they will pass at the Witloof Bar!

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