Les Voies Sauvages


23/03/2021 - 23/03/2021

Les Voies Sauvages Les Voies Sauvages

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“Behind Les Voies Sauvages,” explains the author Régis Duqué, “is an excuse to spend time with a friend, Dominique De Staercke, and get him to talk about his mountaineering career, his life with the mountain. (...) To gain altitude is to reconnect with the cosmos and with oneself, to reclaim time.” Through anecdotes, and with Cédric Juliens’ magnificent performance, the play questions us about our condition, and berates our consumer society, which has harnessed the spirit of adventure into a supposedly democratic mountain tourism... Because Dominique De Staercke sets awareness and the inner self at the heart of his professional commitment.

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