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28/03/2019 - 28/03/2019

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Teodor Currentzis, the rock star of classical music, unleashes his demons in one of the most gripping and impressive death masses in music history: Verdi’s Requiem.

Add the stage setting and you have a full-blown opera. Verdi’s overwhelming death mass for grand orchestra, double choir and soloists, in terms of emotion and drama, is right up there with Aïda, Don Carlos or La Traviata.
After one look at the score, opera composer Alberto Mazzucato wrote Verdi an emotional letter, giving the work high praise calling it ‘the most beautiful, grandiose and comprehensive piece of poetic music one can imagine’. As intense an experience the music will give you during the concert, it will leave you just as heavenly enlightened afterwards. Libera me!

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