04/11/2018 - 04/11/2018

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ROESTgroep creates performances from gifts. You give something and they make a performance out of it. For MADE IN KWAKKABA they have collected old, forgotten toys. Dramatist Silke Melis and musician Alec De Bruyn have given them a fresh look, turned them upside down and inside out, given them a shake and a blow and given them a new life rather than a future in landfill. Every unwanted Furby, languishing teddy bear or battery-craving Casio gets the chance to be appreciated once again by being included in this show. Together with the audience, they tell us a gorgeous wordless musical story about the amazing travels of a rubber duck. Last year, MADE IN KWAKKABA was applauded in the Music Rooms; this year, we present it as a complete show for everyone aged four and over.  By and featuring Britt De Jonghe, Silke Melis and Alec De Bruyn

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