14/12/2018 - 15/12/2018

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In a white playground, five young, skinny boys from Bariga meet a colossal white man from Germany. Useful innocence encounters the proverbial foreigner who offers chocolate to the children; postcolonial helplessness stands face-to-face with the stereotypical embodiment of Europe's colonial guilt, while contemporary Nigerian dance meets European conceptual theatre.

Sorry - a collaboration between the Berlin-based performance group Monster Truck and the Nigerian choreographer Segun Adefila - unfolds as an exceptional horror film as well as an intercultural meeting, in a setting like a nightmarish game with no rules. 

Who is the ultimate winner? Who will depend upon whom? Who profits from this encounter, and how? And who is the vampire that sucks the other dry?


With: The Footprints, Andreas Klinger, concept: Monster Truck, Segun Adefila, dramaturgy: Marcel Bugiel, sound: Alice Ferl, lighting and technical manager: Stine Hertel, artistic assistance: Seun Awobajo

With the support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany & Goethe-Institut Brüssel

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