Melina Doga- Kaleidoscope


21/12/2019 - 21/12/2019

Melina Doga- Kaleidoscope

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The idea of « Kaleidoscope », conceived both as a band name and as a performance
concept, is about creating a musical environment rooted in the experience of being a
“Third Culture Kid”. With covers ranging from Greek entehno music, to variété
française and popular Latin American music, « Kaleidoscope » aims to travel beyond
genres and languages to engage in a quest of gathering songs of different cultures that
somehow tell similar stories, and produce the same quality of emotion, even though
they were written decades and/or continents apart.
« Kaleidoscope » is a different approach to a selection of popular songs in Greek,
Spanish and French, including songs that have been previously translated from one of
these languages to another. Built on the idea that the music we grow to love also
reflect our experience of a collective history, we invite you to an intimate
performance that is as much of a concert as it is an ethnological attempt to understand
and explore the limits of cultural translation and multicultural identities.

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