Melodies are so far my best friend - PRICE


22/03/2019 - 23/03/2019

Melodies are so far my best friend - PRICE

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If we continue to consume more language more quickly and superficially, will we still be able to use language instinctively and emotionally? PRICE is appealing to movement and music to answer this question. Along with pianist Sebastian Hirsig, he will captivate you with his body and voice. You stand next to him on stage, while the soundtrack of heavenly ambient will flow to dark tribal – and back again.

• PRICE is the alter ego of Mathias Ringgenberg – born in Rio de Janeiro and based in Zürich. This queer hybrid of close reality and distant dream enters a no-holds-barred exploration of the emotional disorientation of a generation that grew up with mass culture, neoliberalism and the ubiquity of the internet.

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