17/08/2019 - 17/08/2019

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To say Mogli's curiosity is unparalleled is an understatement. If she's not making music, she's crafting films, acting or designing clothes. She believes in female empowerment, sustainability and talking about mental health. « I'm reaching people through my music and I want to use the voice I have to talk about other topics I think are important. »

At 25, the German artist has always nurtured a creative and fiery spirit -- something that was first born at home. Instead of jumping jacks, her two mothers referred to them‚ jumping janes. Free from gender norms, Mogli was encouraged to believe she could achieve anything a boy could.

Mogli, never one to slow down, is already at work on her second album, which will focus on how depression and the recent rough phase of her life empowered her to grow. With music, the rising singer feels like it's a spiritual experience: she pours her emotions into her voice and transfers them to other people. « I feel like I get to change perspectives. » Sharing her vulnerability makes her feel stronger. And with that strength and determination, she forges a connection with her audience.

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