Moi et le chef d’Orchestre


19/01/2020 - 19/01/2020

Moi et le chef d’Orchestre

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Do you know the Niouglou tribe ?
They look as if they came from another planet !
And yet, the musicians know Michael Jackson, Beethoven, Justin Timberlake, Abba en Mozart… they play the violin, trumpet, piano…
They are just…crazy ! And that is not all !

They have invented a time and space machine that makes it possible to meet dinosaurs, stormtroopers and gladiators and go to places as Spain, Russia and China…
An amazing musical voyage conducted by…..our young spectators as you yourself can also conduct our big orchestra of the Niouglou tribe !

Come and discover this 3rd, awesome edition of « Me and the Conductor » and experience a new, unbelievable adventure with the whole family !

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