Monsanto, een fotografisch onderzoek


07/03/2019 - 27/04/2019

Monsanto, een fotografisch onderzoek

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From the 7th of March until the 27th of April, Géopolis will host the exhibition “Monsanto®, a photographic investigation” by photographer Mathieu Asselin. Asselin conducted a 5-year during research on the effects of the products of one of the biggest producers of seeds, agricultural products and chemical pesticides on the environment and public health. In order to construct his investigation, Asselin combined photography with archive documents, texts and video. He photographed dumpsites of chemicals in the US and victims of the acid-based herbicide and defoliant Agent-Orange in the US and Vietnam.

The result is a nuanced and clear overview of the company’s history, with a link to the nearby future.

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