Move (on) - tg STAN & Kloppend Hert


13/02/2020 - 15/02/2020

Move (on) - tg STAN & Kloppend Hert

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For some time now, the actors from STAN have been collecting texts by authors from the Middle East, North Africa and the diaspora. Texts about desires and frustrations, frictions and contradictions, and what is going on in cities both here and there. In their search for Arabic literature, tg STAN sought and found allies at the Nomadic Arts Centre Moussem, and among the theatremakers of Kloppend Hert, the company led by Haider Al Timimi.
Together, they have made Move (on), a production in which eight excellent actors and performers meet each other and share the stage: Btissame Bourrich, Evgenia Brendes, Issam Dakka, Jolente De Keersmaeker, Youness Khoukhou, Olga Mouak, Haider Al Timimi and Frank Vercruyssen. They go in search of answers to questions that are essential to them, in a cross-border space where multiple influences can blend into one whole. But it begins at the beginning: an open forum and conversation.

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