Nightshop Party Festa Afro Tuga: Diron Animal live (Pt) + Lua Preta (Pl/Ao) + Celeste Mariposa (Pt) + DJ Nervoso (Pt)


25/10/2019 - 26/10/2019

Nightshop Party Festa Afro Tuga:  Diron Animal live (Pt) + Lua Preta (Pl/Ao) + Celeste Mariposa (Pt) + DJ Nervoso (Pt)

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Festa Afro Tuga started in 2016 by the NGHE Mediatheque and Rebel Up as a party in Brussels to celebrate Afro Portuguese music culture, with guests DJ’s from Celeste Marisposa, Principe Discos label and live artists from the Afro Portuguese diaspora. 5 epic & wild editions were held so far in various Brussels venues. Gente sabi, puxa!

Celeste Mariposa is a DJ duo from Lisbon that has been known for their unconventional sets since 2010: rare vinyl pearls from the Lusophone ('Portuguese-speaking') African music, inspired by African 'bailes' from the 5 former Portuguese colonies (Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, San Tomé & Principé). Most of these recordings are totally unknown in the West but afrobaile is the hot swinging cradle of any kind of groove. These DJs serve a selection from instrumental Cape Verde funana to the raw Angolan merengue and semba, as well as gum from Guinea Bissau and Mozambique marrabenta. Simply irresistible.
Diron Animal brings infectiously rhythmic dance music from the Angolan ghettos, fusing electronic production with traditional music.

Lua Preta is an Angolan/Polish duo consisting of vocalist/MC Ms. Gia of Angolan descent and experienced Polish DJ and producer Mentalcut. Together they bring the frenetic mixture of modern electronic music and African genres characteristic not only to Ms. Gia's native Angola but also to the whole continent - including kuduro, afrohouse, gqom and more.

DJ Nervoso was born in São Tomé and Príncipe, a Portuguese-speaking island nation in the Gulf of Guinea, off the western equatorial coast of Central Africa, but based around Lisbon for more than 2 decades now. As the godfather of the PRÍNCIPE label, he is well known for a bare bones approach to rhythm, working the basic hypnotic feel of pounding drums to mesmerizing effect, in his permanent quest to make people move. His sound is meant to unite, not divide, the dancefloor. Even before he started producing, Nervoso was quick to perceive that some people were alienated in parties where Angolan kuduro got played, for the simple reason they didn't command the specific moves associated with the style or its variations. So his production focused on adapting the beats of this much-loved dance music, changing the codes for a more inclusive experience. Some call it techno.

23:00>00:30 Celeste Mariposa
00:30>01:30 Diron Animal
01:30>02:30 Lua Preta
02:30>04:00 DJ Nervoso
04:00>05:00 Rebel Up

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