Overseas Duo (Belgium/Egypt)


14/11/2018 - 14/11/2018

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They are now exploring a two-part format at the crossroads of Arabic music and hijazz modes, jazz and tonal improvisation, classical music and rhythms of Ottoman music, they play an evolving repertoire, made of clear, free and melodious compositions.

These two musicians meet and talk about their respective worlds. Their stories and their intonations are different and it is from these differences that we benefit. Simplicity and seriousness, joy and exploration, the quartet plays together with skill on opposites. It is a musical space where the integrity of these artists is respected, but where the taste of adventure and discovery remains essential.

Their language is like a mood, black or white, hot or cold, circulating faster or slower than blood or thought, in invisible veins that are not located in anatomy manual.

The musicians >

Toine Thys: The central figure of the saxophone and bass clarinet in Belgium, Toine Thys plays regularly in France and the Netherlands, but also in West Africa, Canada and Asia. He is a very active Leader, he composes for his different groups and on order for other formations. Toine founded in 2014 a school of wind instruments in Burkina Faso : LES VENTISTES DU FASO. - www.toinethys.com.

Ihab Radwan: Professor and soloist of Oud, Ihab Radwan collaborates with the French tubist Michel Godard, the Algerian singer Sofiane Saidi, the Brazilian singer Monica Passos, the drummer Anne Paceo, Herbie Hancock and Youssoun Dour, the international project "Melody for peace" and the music ensemble Baroque Jubilio. Ihab is the artistic director and soloist in the project "Mozart the Egyptian", sold more than three million albums in France. He is the founder the Contemporary Academy of Oud and Rhythm. - www.ihab-radwan.com

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