15/08/2019 - 15/08/2019

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Behind Ozya is Mariana Tootsie, a Belgian Greek jazz & blues singer, who travelled the world with renowned musicians and lent her voice to cinema, including Gary Ross’s BO of the film “The Hunger Games”.

Ozya was born in London in 2017 when Mariana Tootsie collaborated with Tim Bran (London Grammar Artistic Producer, The Verve, Birdy, etc.) on her first single “Would You Remember me”, released on the airwaves in 2018.

Alternating between suspenseful, stripped and grandiose orchestral moments, Ozya depicts her melodious and melancholic electro/pop universe with hip-hop sounds, trip-hop, sometimes baroque pop, taking us to the open on downtempo beats with, always in focus, her voice with a strong and particular tonality.

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