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07/02/2019 - 29/03/2019

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As its first exhibition of the year of 2019, the Korean Cultural Center presents you the 'JOGAKBO'. The precious selection of art pieces illustrates the beauty of Korean traditional art crafts. 'JOGAKBO' is an art of creating a new blanket sewn with pieces of fabric. Depending on the application, this blanket can be a wrapping cloth, bedspread, table cover or book cover.
Originally, JOGAKBO was been made from remnants of fabrics rendered unusable by shape and size. However, in modern crafts, using of exquisite fabrics, it can be placed in a higher dimension: that of artistic artisanship. A Crafting requires a profound understanding of the each material, especially its strengths and weaknesses. CHOI Dukjoo, the artist of 'JOGAKBO' is appreciated for her distinguished passion and deep reflection transcending her work. In order to master the temperament of the artisanal material, she began the exploration and studied of many textiles.

Therefore, CHOI Dukjoo discovered that an expensive fabric would not be a matter to make a beautiful artwork so she decided to create her artistic world structured by her own forms and beauties. This is how she dyes the colors herself on the meticulously selected fabric. In this exhibition, through the masterpieces created by this artist, beyond the dyeing and sewing, we will be able to glimpse the sincerity of the Korean ancestors, the beauty of the traditional crafts of Korea.

In particular, for dyeing, instead of chemical coloring, CHOI Dukjoo has selected natural ingredients and has colored fabrics with for example safflower, gardenia, sagebrush and onion whose variations in the duration of the Fermentation period can accurately capture the difference in color saturation and play on their lightness.
The opening ceremony of the exhibition will present, for the first time, JOGAKBO in Belgium and will guide us to the world where the Korean traditional aspect reach out to the modernity.

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