15/08/2019 - 15/08/2019

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“Growing up means being a little disappointing,” sings Pomme on Comme si j’y croyais (As If I Believed It). Yet she does exactly the opposite. The more she grows up (and she is only 20), the more she enchants and surprises, and, especially, the more she does just as she likes. After En Cavale (On the Run), her remarkable first EP released a year ago, she set off alone on the road and by train with her guitar and autoharp under her arm, thoughtfully sharing her songs like an elf with an already mature personality. After that modest marathon, Pomme recorded her album. À peu près, together with production duo Benjamin ‘Waxx’ Hékimian and Matthieu Joly, before returning to the road. À Peu Près leaves us with the lasting impression that we have entered (or, to a certain extent, broken into) a deeply feminine world, which is never mawkish, but determinedly passionate, profound and appealing.

Clara, Juliette, Cléa, Fishbach… French song has never been as relevant as it is in the hands of these young women, who revitalize it with a delightful energy and intricate diversity. Pomme is the youngest (but by no means the least gifted) of that generation of determined, independent young women.

À Peu Près (More or Less) is an understatement: Pomme is perfectly present, exactly ready, ideally inspired and very much mistress of her art. Her fragile songs in their floral garb are actually watering holes, where anyone can find the freshness needed to perpetuate the species of people of taste.

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