Prick Och Fläck... (Gros-pois et Petit-point)


17/11/2019 - 17/11/2019

Prick Och Fläck... (Gros-pois et Petit-point)

Este contenido no está disponible en Español. Por este motivo, el contenido se muestra en otro idioma.

One is covered in spots, the other in splodges and that’s pretty much the theme of all their adventures! Spots and splodges feature throughout this collection of six short films. Much more than an attractive visual experience, it is also about identity, discovering the world and the first experiences of life. The narrative voiceover, with its recurring little phrases at the beginning or end of the film, gives a highly didactic flavour to these “handmade” stop-motion stories, animated frame by frame. Both hilarious and educational, this is a real hit, perfect for the youngest viewers!

Flagey, Cinematek

€ 7

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