Rewriting - Jonathan Burrows


24/04/2020 - 25/04/2020

Rewriting - Jonathan Burrows

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Of what does the practice of choreographing consist? In Rewriting, Jonathan Burrows attempts – by turns hesitantly and exuberantly – to map out the unknown territory known as choreography. On the one hand, he starts from a performance that took him two years to make but which he has never presented to an audience before, and on the other, he uses passages from his book A Choreographers’ Handbook (2010). In contrast to the dominant model, which assumes that a successful production is the result of a fixed, predetermined idea, Burrows proposes a practice of a slow, coincidental accumulation of meanings that emerges during the work itself. He likes to quote Mette Edvardsen, who describes her own work as ‘the dust that accumulates through the working’.  
• Jonathan Burrows has developed an impressive oeuvre as a dancer and choreographer. Over the past fifteen years, he has made a series of clever and playful duets with composer Matteo Fargion. Rewriting is his first solo production.

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