29/03/2019 - 30/03/2019


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The world changes quickly! Especially in the city, where new people and art forms stream in constantly. KVS wants to transfer the wildly interesting artistic undercurrent from the streets to the stage. For that purpose, SLOW – Slam Our World – combines urban word art with theatre. For each SLOW-session, we welcome a different international guest. After a residence of a few weeks in Brussels, the artist shares the KVS stage with local artists, in a brave and vulnerable attempt to distil the colourful, multifaceted soul of our city into verse. 


In SLOW#04, Rojo Cordova builds magical bridges between Mexico City and Brussels with the help of, amongst others, Nina Vandenbempt, Nadine Baboy, Loucka Fiagan, Oscar Cassamajor, Gabriela Gonzalez Rondon, Saudade, Jaouad Alloul, Slameke and McCloud Zicmuse. Where the two meet, they spark a rousing celebration, a performance, a concert, a ritual, a marketplace, a block party. Come and celebrate with us at KVS BOX!

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