Sons of Abraham


26/04/2022 - 30/04/2022

Sons of Abraham

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It’s Sami and Adil’s last day as cleaners in a nightclub called Paradise. After fleeing the bloodshed in Iraq, they did everything they could to find a better life in Europe. Now their mother is dying. Without papers, going back can mean losing everything they have worked so hard for. Will they risk their future for a final farewell to their mother?

Sahand and Raphael, are artistic brothers from two opposing tribes that threaten each other with war, Iran and Israel. In this show, they are determined not to speak about their own stories of forced migration and conflict, but to find a common ground by telling a story of someone else. The story of two Kurdish brothers.

In this story of exile and refuge, against a backdrop of internal conflict and biblical references, Raphael Rodan (1980, Israel) and Sahand Sahebdivani (1980, Iran) show a sense of narration that so effectively animated My Father Held a Gun. Through skillful storytelling, they offer a device that plays with clichés and in which fiction feeds on reality.


From 12.04 to 23.04
TTO presents the previous show by Raphael and Sahand:

Sahand Sahebdivan, Raphael Rodan and Albert Maizel
From Tuesday to Saturday at 20:30 at Théâtre de la Toison d'Or 

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