Sophie Whettnall


04/04/2019 - 04/08/2019

Sophie Whettnall

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She won the Prix de la Jeune Peinture in 1999 and enjoys international recognition.
Since the nineties, the work of Sophie Whettnall offers a reflection on the forces that define our relationship to the world around us, by materialising and documenting them. Sophie Whettnall focuses on light and analyses its presence and zones of absence and passage. The aesthetic pieces of the artist prove simultaneously sensitive and powerful, resting on a dialectic tension and attempt to instigate a relation between contradicting concepts and perceptions: between softness and sensuousness, between yin and yang, women and men... Her work also contributes to a form of autobiographical project. The artist will create works and an installation in situ.
Sophie Whettnall chose to invite Beirut-born painter, philosopher, and writer Etel Adnan. After living in California for some years, teaching philosophy and launching into her career as an artist, the artist now resides in Paris. Shown in numerous international exhibits (Dokumenta 13, Serpentine Gallery…), her work, which includes landscapes of mountains near San Francisco (Mount Tamalpoisa - a sacred hill for native Americans that she could see from the window of her house in Sausalito and whose presence still inhabits her spirit and that she represented on many occasions. “It became my garden. For Cézanne, Sainte-Victoire was no longer a mountain. It was an absolute. It was painting”, she wrote in 1986 in her book Voyage au Mont Tamalpais.
On the occasion of the exhibition, the Editions Mercator will publish a monograph on the work of Sophie Whettnall.

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