Tash Aw


05/11/2019 - 05/11/2019

Tash Aw

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The Malaysian author Tash Aw has been marked as a name to watch in literary circles for some time now. Due to his pronounced political commitment he is often compared to his good friend Édouard Louis. He previously published Five Star Billionaire, about the nouveau riche of Southeast Asia.At BOZAR he will be presenting what he himself describes as his most personal novel: We, the Survivors. The book tells the story of an outsider in Malaysia who feels locked into a hopeless situation while society  – subject to globalisation and technology – is most certainly not standing still. In a sudden fit of senseless violence he finally buries all hope of a better life. Aw sets you thinking about the futility of a human life in today's society.Tash Aw will be interviewed by Gie Goris, editor in chief of MO*.

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