The Residents


01/02/2019 - 01/02/2019

The Residents

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The Residents are back! After celebrating their 40th stage anniversary over the last few years, The Residents have created a spectacular new program called “In Between Dreams”: a very “musical” performance, but still with a theatrical approach as well. “The costumes and players may change but The Residents remain the same: Bay Area myth-makers poking fun at modern America through their art, music and films (…) The disquieting subtext of The Ghost of Hope is that technology threatens society.” (The Wire)
As always, the group leaves the new show being quite a secret, but here’s what a spokesman of The Residents has said about the new program:
“In Between Dreams. Adding new material to a selection from their catalog of almost 500 songs, The Residents invite their audience to escape to a land of dreams, where the act of posing questions outweighs the art of answers. But what waits in between dreams - does consciousness bring reality or the ultimate illusion called life?”

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