U-Loss - Barbara Raes


22/03/2019 - 23/03/2019

U-Loss - Barbara Raes

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How do we deal with mourning and loss nowadays? Life is a succession of transitional moments, major and minor connections that inevitably change you. The decreasing importance of traditional rituals to experience transitional moments has resulted in a search for alternatives. That is why Barbara Raes created a workspace for unacknowledged loss: Beyond the Spoken. She is coming to the Kaaistudios to share her practice along with seven artists with very different cultural backgrounds. They will each explore the intersection between art and ritual.
With:Bilal Alnouri SY/BGabino Rodriguez MXJassem Hindi SA/DELeonardo Delogu ITMelih Genzboyaçi TR/NLMieko Suzuki JP/DENathalie Bikoro FR/GA/DE

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