Van Gogh: the immersive experience


28/09/2018 - 27/01/2019

Van Gogh: the immersive experience

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Have you ever dreamt of stepping into a painting? To become completely immersed in the work before you, making reality around you fade into the new world created by the artist? You will be able to experience all of this and more first hand in the Bourse de Bruxelles, at Van Gogh – the immersive experience.

Thanks to the most recent virtual projection technology you will become a part of the spectacular, incomparable universe of Vincent Van Gogh. The experience will let you discover the life of the artist in a new way: his time at the convent and in Arles, the secrets from the letters he wrote to his brother and much more. You will participate in a unique sound and light show, that will immerse you in the world renowned and familiar images of Vincent Van Gogh. No one will leave untouched.

Van Gogh: the immersive experience is a 360 degrees experience in the universe of one of the greatest geniuses of the last century. A moment not to miss!

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