W V D B 4tet


15/04/2020 - 15/04/2020

W V D B 4tet

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Wouter Van den Broeck is a Ghent based musician playing in a range of different projects. From more traditional jazz (Jake Walker) to hiphop (Okkupeerder) and electropopjazz (Screens). For this project, Wouter wanted to let the audience hear his own voice. His own compositions are rooted in a way of traditional jazz performance, but don't confine the musicians to this at all. Within tis fairly traditional frame, a wealth of intracacies can be found. To help him build these atmospheres and tell these stories, Wouter sought out with care some of the most exciting jazz musicians on the scene. They all have deep knowledge and respect for the music, and play with passion and excitement with and for each other.

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