experience.brussels, (Re)discover all of Brussels in a refreshing way!


17/11/2017 - 31/12/2019

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This exhibition offers you a new way to see Brussels and will showcase various famous or little-known places, the institutions and secret spots, as well as the city's greatest asset: its inhabitants who live, build, create, act, come together and blossom in the heart of Europe.

What is Brussels' greatest symbol? A giant atom? A little boy releiving himself? A golden square? Rainy weather? A portion of chips? At experience.brussels you discover the real Brussels in all its diverse, sometimes complex, but always stunning, charming and captivating beauty.

The exhibition presents you with a different and personal overview of Brussels. Turn the pages of our giant book and discover the major moments of Brussels' history; take part in our interactive quiz and test your knowledge of the European Union; learn a few words of the old Brussels dialect!

You will also meet genuine Brussels locals, singular and endearing characters who tell you their story, their anecdotes, their lives in the capital. Use our incredible interactive model and you'll soon have all four corners of the Brussels-Capital Region at your fingertips: its 19 communes and its interconnected neighbourhoods whose variety will amaze you. Expand your appreciation for how this multi-faceted capital works and houses 5 parliaments and go home with your own personalised post card!

Whether you're in town for only a few days or born and raised in Brussels, you will dive into this city's great atmosphere and be stunned by how much Brussels has to offer.

The experience.brussels exhibition is accessible to all and offers you amazing moments to enjoy with friends or family, in a group or alone... Welcome to Brussels!

The entrance fee gives access to both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

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