to come (extended) - Mette Ingvartsen


16/11/2018 - 17/11/2018

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Advertising, film, magazines, the internet: we are constantly surrounded by images of sexualized bodies that display the intimate and the erogenous. These images no longer only belong in our private lives, but have become part of the public domain through marketing and mediatization. They function as a benchmark to which we unthinkingly relate. Pleasure as a condition humaine has become a straightjacket from which it seems almost impossible to free ourselves.In to come (extended) – a remake of a performance for five dancers created in 2005 – 15 performers explore the relationship between individual sexual freedom and sexuality as a collective experience. The relation between a mass of anonymous bodies and the individuality of a single naked body is exposed as a titillating contrast. The central focus is on challenging arousal and climax – by turns in alienating slow motion and then at great speed, bursting with energy.
• to come (extended) is the latest instalment in Mette Ingvartsen’s series about sexuality and the experience economy. The piece follows the cycle The Red Pieces: 69 Positions, 7 Pleasures and 21 Pornographies, which were all staged at Kaaitheater.

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