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08/11/2018 - 31/01/2021

viewing depot exh01 viewing depot exh01

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On the occasion of its ten-year anniversary, the VanhaerentsArtCollection has decided to radically alter the ways in which it introduces its holdings to the public. Experimenting with innovative ways of linking the presentation and daily management of artworks, it has adopted the format of a viewing depot that naturally lets aesthetics and functionality intertwine.

What to expect:

In the viewing depot, the visitor is allowed a look behind the curtain and explore the collection at his or her own pace. It makes for an unorthodox, highly intimate viewing experience that transcends a conventional museum visit, and therefore is a must for enthusiasts of contemporary art.

Opening hours

The Vanhaerents Art Collection is open 10 weeks per year for tours and schools, and 4 Saturdays a year for individual visitors. (only accessible with a guide)

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