36 Baronomie

36 Baronomie 36 Baronomie 36 Baronomie 36 Baronomie 36 Baronomie 36 Baronomie

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Located close to Montgomery, the 36 open from Tuesday to Saturday from 17:00. The atmosphere is warm and cozy. For sunny day , you can enjoy the sun and work on your tan safe from prying eyes.

At 36 Baronomie, you will have fun tasting our many different and varied wines as well as tasting our fabulous Mediterranean cuisine that will offer you more than just a meal : a journey through the waters, climates and cultures.

Drinking a drink or eating at home is a great experience for couples, friends and even families. You will immediately embark on a warm atmosphere, lounge style and with delicious dishes.

In short, at 36 Baronomie, you'll be sure to laugh, appreciate the moment and often want to go back as long as you enjoy the experience. We are waiting for you soon !

Warning : Once 16:30 spent from Tuesday to Friday and 17:30 on Saturday, we do not take reservations by mail for the same evening.

--- The team of 36 Baronomie ---

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