Atelier Des Pates

Atelier Des Pates Atelier Des Pates Atelier Des Pates Atelier Des Pates Atelier Des Pates Atelier Des Pates

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Three young entrepreneurs are behind Atelier des pâtes: Jonathan, Marco and Mariano; three different characters brought together by one conviction: a good plate of homemade fresh pasta is a delight to be shared! Our palates have been cultivated by our mothers’ cooking and refined over countless Sunday feasts where our grandmothers would conjure up classic Abruzzo dishes. We’ve created the Atelier in order to share this magic. Because we are absolutely sure of one thing: no one should be denied the divine pleasure of having a really good plate of homemade fresh Italian pasta.

Atelier des pâtes is a young small business born out of passion for Italian cuisine and love for quality food. And because we want to share our love and passion, we want to serve you fresh pasta made in the Atelier using only the best ingredients from the great Italian cooking tradition. Our business is to treat you with healthy and authentic Italian food – yours is to eat it!

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