Brussels Booking Desk

Brussels Booking Desk

Este contenido no está disponible en Español. Por este motivo, el contenido se muestra en otro idioma. is a non-profit joint-venture service dedicated to event accommodation management, within the brussels’ capital region. was founded in 2009 by the brussels hotels association – and brussels enterprises commerce and industry (beci). also operates a booking engine for ad-hoc individual room reservations, among others used on works an equal footing with all official recognized accommodation providers within the brussels’ capital region. aims to promote the brussels’ hotels, at the destination, through the destination, by offering tailor made accommodation solutions, with the support of the brussels’ hotels association, in close collaboration with the major conference venues and' Convention Bureau. is a team of young although experienced hoteliers and event organizers who combine their passion for service with their love for brussels. Solution thinkers by nature. 

Full time members are Wim, Charlotte & Cedric. 
The team is coached by Wim Nicolaï, manager of 

Touch based in the brussels’ hotel industry over 15 years ago, occupied various positions in international branded hotels, has been managing an independent event reservation service - accommodation & events - for years, did accommodation procurement for +25.000-delegates events throughout Europe, and handled accommodation for about all brussels’ international major events. Understands the various interest of all involved and love to make the synergy work. In charge of day-to-day management, business development and reservation platform development.

Joined the in the early years, and has various years of experience in accommodation management. Before joining the Charlotte was leading the mice-department in one of brussels’ larger luxurious hotels. Handles more than 100 events per year, all with the same dedication and enthusiasm. Knows the brussels’ hotel inventory like the back of her hand.

The most recent team member to join in Cedric worked for various hotels from a central mice office, handling both accommodation and event requests for these internationally branded hotels. Multitasker within the team involved in the accommodation management of one of brussels’ major events and various “room only” events. A Brussels’ lover.

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