DROH!ME Melting Park

DROH!ME Melting Park DROH!ME Melting Park DROH!ME Melting Park DROH!ME Melting Park DROH!ME Melting Park

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Emblematic site of 32 acres, green and wooded at the edge of the Fôret de Soignes, DROH!ME Melting Park is dedicated to the rehabilitation of the Hippodrome of Uccle-Boisfort. DROH!ME introduces a whole new generation of active recreation. This unique and revolutionary concept already offers various activities to young and old around 5 themes: nature, sports, culture, education and relaxation. It is a parc that fits quite naturally into the objective of ‘Brussels, sustainable city’ and will be a major player.
The Hippodrome was formerly a place of sports and worldly life, a meeting place and a place for relaxation and Equestrian activities for the inhabitants of Brussels. In 1995, a period of quasi-abandon and degradation began, losing its prestige and all of its original functions.
In 2014, the DROH!ME Melting Park project started to bring back the old appeal of the Hippodrome, its function as gateway of the Fôret de Soignes, a place for leisure and sports for everyone, the discovery of nature and heritage, while preserving its special and unusual identity.

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