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You are here because you are a (very) special person.

Since your birth, we have observed you, we have investigated your strengths, your fears, your friends and colleagues. You are a special agent, but you don’t know this yet. Today we propose that you undertake a 120-minute full team training. No need to be sportive or first in the class: according to your secret file you are perfectly capable of succeeding in this mission. You are going to negotiate a course going through 4 districts. At each stage of this course you must give of your best: reflection, resilience under stress, team spirit…

Finally we can welcome you again!

As of June 11th we open our terrace, bar, restaurant & VRMaze for everyone. And our new private Karaoke Club room for your 'bubble' of friends by reservation online: https://bitly.com/KoezioKaraoke Every day happy hour at 18h!

Warning: our most famous "Elite Agents" activity will reopen only as of the 1st of July!

In order to welcome you in the best conditions, rest assured that all health measures will be put in place to guarantee the safety of all!

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