Musée Mode et Dentelle (Musées de la Ville de Bruxelles)

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Brussels has a long and illustrious tradition of fashion, textiles, designing and natural lace. The capital is highly regarded by fashionistas thanks to its combination of classics, established haute couture and hip trendsetting boutiques, but back in the 12th century there was already a busy textiles district around Chapel church in Brussels' Marolles neighbourhood.
This tradition of luxury textiles is underpinned at the Museum of Fashion and Lace, which in 1977 was given the task of presenting Brussels' rich heritage and history. The initial collection consisted primarily of religious robes and lace, but has since been drastically enlarged to include other garments, accessories, embroidery, old and contemporary lace, costumes, fashion items, etc.
From the fascinating collection and knowledge of the design and creation processes, the museum has developed enthralling themed exhibitions, such as its Just Married exhibition on wedding dresses.

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