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Finding Nemo Can you imagine being as "free as a bird" or "flying" underwater"? This is how people who have dared to try breathing underwater for the first time have expressed their feelings. Underwater diving is now available to everyone. "Not for me, I’m claustrophobic" we hear many times. Nemo33 has been designed to overcome this common fear. The water is warm (33°C) and clear. At the start point, you can touch the bottom. After a few moments, your only wish is to stay underwater. Would you like to bet on this? We provide an instructor for each pair of divers, and for an hour you will discover the marvels of underwater diving until 33 meters deep. It will be an unforgettable experience for you that you will undoubtedly want to share with all your colleagues. You can prolong the dream in the Thai restaurant with its underwater porthole windows with views of the pool. A new "must" for you and your friends! your incentives Part icipants : min 10 / max 20 1 hour FR NL EN DE ES ARAB

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