• Belgian Food Truck Festival !

    The Brussels Food Truck Festival has been the largest event of its kind in Europe since its first edition in 2014. This festival illustrates the soul, conviviality, and multiculturalism of Brussels to the world. Artisans from the world over, fans of fresh, high quality, seasonal products gathered to delight the taste buds of finicky gourmets and foodies. A rustic, innovative, surprising, and tasty stroll.

    A few facts and figures: 140 food trucks, 150,000 visitors in 2016, more than 800 candidates per year, food trucks from 16 different countries.

  • Gourmmmmmmet Brussels

    Brussels awakens the five senses, but it was through the taste buds and the palate that participants could taste this bike ride. Brussels culinary specialities such as chocolate, beer, and speculoos are the common themes of this loop which combines exploration of architectural heritage and culinary traditions. Pro Velo's foodie ride, which is open to everyone, lets participants taste, savour, and enjoy Brussels and all of its delights. The ride goes through four Brussels communes (Ixelles, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Saint-Gilles, and Brussels City) and is themed on local cuisine while following regional itineraries and "bike friendly" streets. No one can resist it, Brussels is so mmmmm...

    A few facts and figures: four communes, 11 stops, three tastings of five Brussels products, 80,384 people rode on outings guided by Pro Velo

  • papabubble Brussels

    Challenging itself to use 100% artisanal production on a human scale and in harmony with the environment, papabubble Brussels would like us to rediscover high-quality, traditional confectionery made entirely by hand in a small Brussels store. Always looking for sweets with innovative and surprising flavours, this confectioner uses only natural plant ingredients from Belgium in order to offer seasonal confections and exclusive designs. Artisanal sweets that awaken the imagination and the senses, free of gluten, gelatin, and GMOs.

  • SAN Sablon

    SAN Sablon is the second Brussels location of Sang Hoon Degeimbre, cook, diner, traveller, and chef. Located right in the heart of Brussels' tourist district, this spot offers uninhibited gourmet cuisine around a simple concept: a bowl and a spoon. Each dish is an invitation to discover the foodie culture of a Belgian or international destination and can be tasted in a bowl with a spoon. Working only with local producers, SAN Sablon showcases artisanal trades with a view to safeguarding the environment but also to sustaining the local economy.

    A few facts and figures: seating for 40, opened in October 2016, 2nd establishment of the same name.

  • The Sound of Chocolate

    The Sound of Chocolate is one of the winners of the 2016 Make Brussels initiative, which was launched to boost Brussels as a city of creativity. The concept was developed by the organization The Sound of Flavour, which wants to add an innovative layer to experiencing one of Belgium's flagship products. The Sound of Brussels wants to make people aware of how their senses interact when enjoying food by inviting them to taste chocolate in combination with different songs. What you hear, see and touch will influence your taste: some of the songs may enhance the sweetness of a chocolate, while others can enhance its bitterness. The scientific basis for this innovative approach is being developed here in Brussels, by Felipe Reinoso Carvalho. The first outcome of The Sound of Chocolate is three limited editions of chocolate boxes (one for each participating chocolatier: Leonidas, Frederic Blondeel and Passion Chocolat), which come with their own custom soundtrack. This unique multisensory journey, which is being co-designed by local chocolatiers, musicians and scientists, is an original, authentic gift from Brussels.

  • BOZAR Brasserie

    When cuisine meets art...

    The Palais des Beaux-Arts at the heart of Victor Horta's visionary architectural work is an exceptional place where visitors can savour the gourmet cuisine of recently starred chef Karen Torosyan of the BOZAR Brasserie. Since it opened in 2010, the Bozar Brasserie has been delighting taste buds: 13/20 in Gault & Millau in 2012, 15/20 and brasserie of the year in 2013, 16/20 and one star in the 2016 Michelin Guide. The indefatigable Chef Torosyan turns cuisine into an art form. fascinated with technique and creativity, he interprets traditional recipes with refinement and exactness. Top quality products, impressive craftsmanship, and pronounced flavours, the chef offers fine and ample dishes with passion and authenticity to his guests.

    A few facts and figures: 16,212 served in 2016, 56 press articles, one Michelin Guide star…

  • Brussels Beer Bus

    The Brussels Beer Bus offers a unique and original experience: ride around the city in a reconfigured 1960s Brussels bus while sampling beers brewed in the Belgian capital. Organised and guided by Vincent and Benoît, two brothers from Brussels, the tours on offer emphasize current, local Brussels, and the beers are all brewed in the city. The tour route also makes it possible to link the various brewing projects throughout the Region and make them known to a wide audience (Brussels Beer Project, Schaerbeekois Beer Museum, Cantillon Brewery, "En Stoemelings" brewery, etc.)

    A few facts and figures: 20 outings since March 2016, 500 participants, media exposure in La Libre Belgique, Le Soir, La Capitale, La Dernière Heure/Les Sports, RTBF, Bruzz TV...

  • Chez Richard

    Chez Richard is the end result of more than two years of fine-tuning, ideas, meetings, and occasions. It's the story of a timeless Brussels bistro that closed and crumbled but was later reborn thanks to four enthusiastic people. A year of discussions, nine months of work, and a real challenge: combining the original soul of a spot with a cult following in the heart of Sablon in Brussels with an innovative, contemporary, and decidedly forward-looking modern design. A project that touts a real desire to offer a window into the bistros of Brussels where people get together with friends, family or just for lunch and everything subtly mixes the traditional with the modern. Whether it be in the atmosphere, on your plate, or in your glass...

    A few facts and figures: nine months of work with Belgian artisans, 4,876 hand-laced mosaic units, €300,000 in investment…