• City Parade

    The purpose of City Parade is to bring electronic music fans together, but starting this year, RNB and HIP HOP will be added to the mix! This 100% free big event includes an Opening Festival, a colourful Parade, and a Closing Festival. All told, about a hundred DJs, 24 floats, two podiums, and above all, 62,000 people turned out for the most recent edition. Created in Brussels in 2001, the City Parade has become a major event drawing audiences from nearby countries: Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, etc.

    A few facts and figures: 62,000 participants, €375,000 investment, media coverage by RTBF, RTL-TVI, VRT, VTM, etc.


  • Halloween Festival - Lights and Spirits Walk

    A truly can't-miss event on the Brussels cultural calendar, the Halloween Festival brings together thousands of gnomes, goblins, witches, and monsters of all kinds on the evening of 31 October each year. Admission is free, and the festival combines activities and music and theatre performances which gradually lead the crowd toward a spectacular fireworks display and a popular costumed grand parade. This year a new concept has been developed for the lights and spirits walk. Putting a portion of Saint-Gilles' history at the centre of this popular festival, this lighted walk included the lighting of Pierre Paulus park and a section of Place Morichar, among other things. From an educational perspective, 20 tarps assembling teaching texts and graphics on the topic of light allowing inquisitive little goblins to gather a variety of information about the history and function of multiple luminous phenomena.


  • Klara Festival

    The Klara Festival challenges the traditional concert ritual by removing classical music from its comfort zone — literally: the classic concert hall made way for the Mirano, one of Brussels' most trendy clubs. Top musicians gave short classical concerts, interspersed with DJ sets. Meanwhile a VJ created a unique light show in the background. A key component was the project “Jouw Sleutel” (meaning Your Key) featuring across a variety of Klara Festival events. 200 underprivileged young people were invited to attend a classic concert, adapted to suit young people, in a club that they would never normally get to visit. In this way classic concertgoers, clubbers and young Brussels residents from various backgrounds were brought together.


  • Brussels Electronic Marathon (BEM)

    Brussels Electronic Marathon (BEM) was launched in 2016 with the aim of celebrating the diversity and quality of Brussels' electronic music scene. At a time when Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris and many other capitals and cities are celebrated for their "sound", Brussels Electronic Marathon puts Brussels on the international scene as a destination in and of itself. To do this, many local venues, collectives & organisations were brought together to present a broad selection of musical genres, spaces and experiences. The events were linked on an East-West axis, running from Flagey, through Ixelles to the Mont des Arts, through the centre and to the canal. Over 3 days, BEM hosted 44 events in collaboration with 35 music organisations at 27 venues where over 100 local artists performed.

    Some numbers: 44 events, 35 music organisations, 27 venues, 100 local artists, 12,000 attendees, media covering by La une and La deux, Pure fm, Bruzz, Radio Vibration, Les Inrocks, Le Soir, De Morgen, Trax, Metro, and online on Focus Vif, Elle.be, Le Mad, HLN, Fuzz…


  • Fifty Fifty Session

    Once a month, two groups, one Belgian and the other international, are invited to come and perform in Brussels on the Fifty Fifty Session stage (at the JAM Hotel located in the heart of the capital.) Each group performs for 25 minutes before an audience of about 150 people. New to Brussels, this free concept allows domestic and international groups to introduce themselves to the media as well as fans of great music. The Fifty Fifty Session intends to become a quality label in Brussels and a prerequisite for emerging groups. From then on the sessions promise to offer quality groups with some current musical buzz (EP release, new album, etc.). Fifty Fifty Sessions have already been able to host artists like Robbing Million, TSAR B, Barbagallo, Hydrogen Sea, Zimmerman, Burning Peacocks, and Jodorowsky.


  • LISTEN! Festival

    The Listen! Festival is a unique event in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. It shines a spotlight on the whole Region, Belgium's talent and diversity with European youth by putting on an exceptional festival in the capital of Europe. More than just a recreational festival, Listen! offers a veritable urban journey over the course of three days and nights and a glimpse of the best of the future of electronics through concerts, conferences, workshops, DJ sets, events, etc. in various landmark sites in 2016 such as Beurschouwburg, the legendary Lumen theatre, the Epicerie Modern, the Bonnefooi, and, of course, the centrally-located Square Brussels Meeting Centre. Listen! is not just another international festival but is dedicated to being a recreational and professional platform for innovative musical cultures.

    A few facts and figures: over 5,000 participants, a programme that is 50% Belgian, 50% international, three nights and one day, eight prominent participating Brussels locations, 35 artists, ten speakers, 70 domestic and international press articles, etc.


  • BOZAR Electronic Arts Festival (BEAF)

    What started in 2008 as an electronic music festival (BEMF) became a multi-day, multidisciplinary event entirely dedicated to the electronic arts four years later. The BEAF 2016 schedule consists of a three-day musical segment (notably including James Holden, Gold Panda, and Anthony Child) and a ten-day digital arts segment presenting the "Tendencies - Belgian Art in the Digital Age" exhibition as well as an exciting collection of award-winning and nominated 2016 STARTS Prize works. For this 5th edition of the BOZAR Electronic Arts Festival (BEAF), BOZAR focused particularly on the interactions between art, science, technology, and social issues. The growing importance of art and innovation will become more pronounced in future editions.

    A few facts and figures: 3,500 visitors, more than 50 artists, bands, or groups, more than 50 domestic and international media articles, 21,000 aftermovie views…